HTML Utilities v1.5

Welcome to HTML Utilities! These will help you in designing web pages.

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HTML Utilities include 7 useful programs:

HTML Color

The most common way to assign a color to an element in HTML code is to enter it as a 6-digit hexadecimal number. As you know, in RGB(red-green-blue) color mode each color consists of 3 main colors: red, green and blue. By mixing it, you can get any color you want. For example, by mixing red and green we get yellow. HTML Color is based on the same principle. When you move the three sliders in the top left corner of the main program window, you change the proportion of one of the main colors.

But there is an easier way: you can press the "Choose Color" button and select a color from the standard Windows palette.

If you want to create a new HTML document, simply press "Wizard" button. Select the color you need from "Color" menu, then save the file to disk or copy the result code to clipboard.

HTML Charmap

The interface of HTML Charmap is very simple: when you click an item from the list to the left, the necessary code is being displayed in the textbox to the right. Press the "Copy" button to copy it to clipboard, and paste it into your HTML document.

The symbols in HTML are represented by escape-sequences (ES). An ES begins with "&" and ends with a semicolon ";". For example, quotes are represented by the following ES: "

HTML Optimizer

In the other programming languages, the source code is compiled into an .exe or an other file. This operation is inreversible: you cannot de-compile the .exe file into the source code. But in HTML everyone can view and modify the content of a file. But there is a simple way to make your HTML files non-readable by removing invisible line breaks, i.e. by making the text a single line. This page is optimized by HTML Optimizer; use "View Source" command of your browser to see the result. There is no difference for browser beetween new line and a space, so the appearance of the page doesn't change. The exception is the <pre> tag content. If you will try to ptimize the file that contains <pre>, you'll get a message warning you about possible loss of information.

The other advantage of optimizing your files is that their size is being decreased for a little. By the way: you can optimize not only HTML files, but CSS stylesheets too (*.css).

HTML Constructor

HTML Constructor is a simple program that contains useful parts of HTML code. Did you know, how to make a creeping line, how to make a dropped capital, hor to insert a Flash movie into your page, how to... You'll find all this information in this program.

You can add your own tips - just press the "Add a snippet" button and type in the necessary information.
If you find your tip useful, please send it to me.

CSS Maker

Imagine that you have 15 HTML files. The text in these files is of green color – you have used the <font> tag with the "color" atribute. And if you will have to change the design, you will have to edit all the 15 documents. So, there is an easier way: you create a cascade stylesheet (CSS), where you describe all the font properties, and apply this CSS to your documents. Even if you have a single document, it's better to use CSS. In this case, it can be added directly into HTML file. CSS Maker will help you in creating CSS stylesheets.

HTML Editor

HTML Editor is the main program in the HTML Utilities. All the other can be started from its "Tools" menu. This editor is so simple in use and has so many features that I suppose there is no need to describe it here.


If you'll find a bug in HTML Utilities, please report it to If HTML Editor craches and you haven't save the changes, try to search for a file named "Heditor-temp.html". It was created when you last selected the "Quick Preview" function. And the best solution is to turn on the function "Autosave every minute"in the Preferences dialog.


Download HTML Utilities v1.6 (133 Kb)

My work on this project is done. If you want, you can continue... Download the source code (133 Kb also :)).

HTML Utilities requires the following files: msvbvm60.dll, richtx32.ocx, comdlg32.ocx and maybe some more :). Make sure that these files are in Windows, System or HTML Utilities' folder. You can find these files using

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